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Dallas Winspear Design

Dallas Winspear is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer living in Sydney, Australia. With a broad range of skills and interests, he is currently working full time in the theatre industry.

He spends his spare time creating everything from consumer products and furniture, to toys, games and T-shirts.

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Theatre and Venue Design

I am currently employed as the Senior Designer at Jands Venue Enginering, where I have been for 7 years. There I have done everything from laying out theatre venues, to the detailed design of hoists, large scale visual displays, electronics products and mechanical equipment.

Highlights include the Joan Sutherland Theatre at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Central Station, Hamer Hall for the Arts Centre in Melbourne, the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Brisbane City Hall and Star City Casino, amongst many others. A full client list can be found HERE.

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Product Design

My product design experience is rich and diverse. I have made everything from souvenirs and promotional items, to toys and games, all the way up to industrial and consumer electronics and all their constituent parts.

I have a broad knowledge of design and manufacturing techniques. As well as 3D modeling tools and the ability to produce fabrication drawings to AS1100

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3D Modeling, CAD and 3D Printing

I am an accomplished 3D modeler with broad ranging skills across a host of different software packages. Capable of generating precise models for mechanical applications and the detailed drawings needed to have them fabricated, be it folded sheet metal, turned steel shafts, weldments or complex assemblies. I can conduct virtual stress test analysis and environmental impact reports to gauge a product's viability before it is ever produced.

I have received three awards from Solidworks, for 3D modeling, design excellence, and an award for sustainable design. I am also able to create sculptural forms in digital clay, characters and complex organic and geodesic structures.


Toys & Models

I have been sculpting toys and models for as long as I can remember, and in the last few years have been doing it professionally. I do regular freelance design work for established model companies and commissions for individuals


I digitally sculpt my models and have them 3D printed, before they are cast and mass produced

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