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Dallas Winspear

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Set Construction

I have worked for many years in the theatre industry in various roles. During my years at the Sydney Theatre Company, I worked on countless productions.


Pictured is work from the 2013 production of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Kip Williams and designed by David Fleischer. I worked closely with David on this play, helping him to realise some of the more complex elements of his design, namely the ornate cornice and door pediments.


Initially I made a simple digital models, and 3D printed them on my home machine at 1:25 scale for David to include in his model box.  For the cornice, I made Solidworks models of the two egg and dart patterns based on reference material supplied to me, and 3D printed them. These physical models were given to a local workshop where they were turned into genuine plaster runs. The main cornice profile was constructed out of a combination of timber and polystyrene foam, and the plaster cornice was added before painting.


The door pediments were also modeled using Solidworks, and the different layers were sent to the CNC. The horns were sculpted from polystyrene foam and painted with Emerclad. The side scrolls were hand sculpted from oil clay, a silicone mold was made and plaster casts created. Further polyurethane ornamentation was added before the while thing was plaster painted and aged.